Our vision is to intentionally create a Christian community amongst those in recovery, including their families, who have a place to worship freely, grow in the Lord, and impact others without fear of stigma. It is our Mission to Recover the Lost & Equip the Found. 


What are Raven-Brook Recovery Church's values?

1.  Reversing the stigma of recovery:

We desire to help reverse the stigma of recovery through the testimony of our lives. This is how we impact others.

2. Everyone is welcome:

We desire everyone searching for recovery, in recovery, and families of those in recovery,  to experience the love of Christ through us. *Recovery is for anyone with hurts, habits, and hang ups- which is all of us. This is how we impact others.

3. We are passionate about ministering holistically:

Holistic ministry views people through Jesus's eyes. Jesus did ministry holistically. He addressed the physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Recovery Church is designed to minister to every dimension of human need and seeks wholeness at every level of society-individuals, families, and communities. This is how we intend to make an impact.