Prayer Protest

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus. I am Pastor Myisha Uni Cunningham. I am the Pastor of Raven-Brook Recovery Church in Jackson. As I am sure you are aware of the injustices committed amongst the African American community; I have noticed an unsettling silence within most of the body of Christ in Jackson regarding racism and justice. This is not to shame or offend, it is a call to stand up for the oppressed as the whole of body of Christ in Jackson, Michigan. On Thursday June 11th from 5-6 PM we will have a prayerful protest. We will meet on the corner of West Ave and Wildwood. I am inviting all churches in Jackson. Please send this correspondence to the appropriate Pastors\leaders so they can explain the heart, intent, and instructions to congregants. Here's the details

  • This is not a march\walk, we will line the sidewalks side by side BUT- social distance between us.
  • Pay special attention not to block entrances to businesses.
  • Feel free to bring signs.
  • Feel free to bring a chair if you cannot stand.
  • I encourage masks but cannot enforce them.
  • Feel free to pray out loud.
  • Pray for justice, pray for God's Spirit of love to permeate our city, pray for heart changes, pray for God to save our city, and our nation. Pray for repentance of our nation, stand in the gap as Moses stood in the gap for his people. Pray against the principalities of darkness that seeks to steal, kill, and destroy.
  • We will begin the prayerful protest with singing the first two verses of Amazing Grace, and we will end it with singing the first two verses of Amazing Grace.

What do we do after the Prayer? What do we do this year?

  • We get in our cars and leave the area.
  • We become the hands and feet of Jesus
  • We encourage voting on issues that will directly discourage and prevent racism in all forms, this includes voting to remove those from office who fan the flames of racism.
  • We create opportunities in our community that will encourage, grow, and benefit the black and brown community because it has been largely neglected.
  • We address racism and what to do about it-from our pull pits.
  • We provide educational materials and training relating to white privilege, micro racism, systemic racism etc.

Final thoughts: racism is a spiritual issue that can only be defeated by God's Spirit. Systemic racism is the byproduct of this spiritual parasite. Will you join me in prayer and change?